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About Digital Art / Artist Exekiella (Natsume Hirai former)22/United States Groups :iconunheard-ofartists: Unheard-ofArtists
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Free Eren by Nemukuri Free Eren by Nemukuri

Cute Eren thing by Nemukuri

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  • Listening to: I-Chu Songs
  • Watching: Markiplier and Jacksepticeye stuff
  • Playing: Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga
  • Drinking: Apple Juice
Italicized refers to Pamela - the cheery and optimistic one
Bold refers to Melanie - the dark and aggressive one

Oh hey! This isn't Natsu! This isn't Exekiella either! It is I, Pamela! Your magical girl hero! Yes I have revealed my name at last! Last time I defeated my evil twin brother in a battle. But now we have a new adversary! She's a dark dressed lady in a gothic fashion--

... you aren't referring to me are you, Pam?

No, of course not! The enemy's got much longer hair and constantly looks as if it's flowing in the wind! Oh right, won't you introduce yourself?

Tch... fine. I didn't do this on my own will you know. I'm Melanie, a magical girl like her. Pam and I are pretty much partners... even though I never wanted any part in this. Unfortunately it's our fate to do so... I control the darkness and sorrow deep within our ho-- err... nevermind. I'm pretty much fueled with my negative emotions.

Naw, you actually fuel up with energy drinks! Like how I get fueled with all types of cake~ I control the light and protect what is cute and happy! -whispers- Also she's kinda pissy sooo try not to get on her bad side too much! Also we're like each other, we even resemble each other! Like twins, but opposites!

Yeah, yeah... let's stop stalling around and find the enemy. Your brother was a pain in the ass and that got me tired. Now we gotta fight that shadow lady or something...

-- A crash is heard followed by some cackling in the distance --

That must be her! We better get going, come on Melamela! -she runs off-

Jeez, just Mela is fine! Now slow down, you know I can't run that fast! -flies after Pamela-

Later... --

Huh? Whaa? What just happened? Hey, who typed all this? ... ... ... it's them again isn't it? Ugh, why do they do this whenever I space out? Eh, whatever. So uhh... forget you read any of this. This is rather embarrassing... eh know what. I'll post this here, I guess.

So, yeah.
Lol Idk by Exekiella
  • Listening to: Steven Universe songs
  • Watching: Jacksepticeye
  • Playing: Aichuu/I-Chu
  • Eating: Ravioli
  • Drinking: Water
Art Raffle!I feel like I never did this? but I feel like doing it and I need my groove back in drawing ;_; , been feeling bad for the past two days
So overall, thank you so much for all the favorites, comments, and watches! :heart: It's been 5 years I've been in this website and thank you for watching me improve through the years!
Basically, I will offer a half body with this kind of style (it's my favorite style, btw xD)

Just a reminder that I will only draw a Single character.
Things I won't draw:
- Mature content 
- Mecha 
- Realism 
- Creatures
- Things which I find offensive/uncomfortable
Rules/How To Enter
- You must be watching me, this is a raffle is exclusive for my watchers.
- Comment on this journal and share it!
- If you fail to comment, watch and share it, I will not put your name on the list.
- Good luck! :heart:
 Please join it! :iconazurelya:'s art is adorable and worth it!




If I were to revive my YouTube, would you like commentary or just music when watching speedpaints? I also do song covers in it, would you not mind those be in one channel or should I have that in a separate channel?
What do you do when you're feeling very down, so down that you don't really know why? ... just... wondering...
RIP my printer-scanner. You will be missed ;; (I made a bunch of nice, serious trad stuff but couldn't post them due to this. D: )
A couple nights ago, I had a dream where the Matsus and I were fighting against a zombie apocalypse. Then there was one part where I hugged Karamatsu, my favorite Matsu, showing affection... I couldn't tell if he was uncomfortable, awkward, or just embarrassed. I just believed that he didn't seem to reciprocate it but that's fine. xD Least I got to hug him in my dreams~ <3


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